Newly-Launched Nascar Next-Gen Cars Now Available On iRacing

Nascar has unveiled what it is calling the next-gen version of its stock cars to be used starting in 2022.

The new cars, featuring car manufacturers Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota, are symmetrically built but look apart from each other, as well as carrying many other behind-the-scenes improvements like a new rear suspension.

Fittingly, sim racing platform iRacing has now made the three new next-gen Nascar cars available, just right after the official reveal. They too were working together with Nascar when the next-gen cars were in development, allowing the sim racing game to get data and sound recordings.

These cars are paid DLC, as you would expect. But for fans of stock car auto racing, you can jump into the next-gen right now.

There was also an iRacing race, featuring the actual Nascar driver racing in the new next-gen cars.

It’s a good day to be a fan of video games and Nascar. In other news, Rocket League’s Nascar pack is also live right now.

Source: iRacing

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