New Trailer Kingdom Hearts III Trailer For TGS Shows Off Gameplay In Big Hero 6 World

and more lore dumps

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III has appeared again. But at least this time there’s sound effects! This extended trailer, the shortened one debuted at Sony’s pre-TGS event, has gameplay of the Big Hero 6 wold revealed earlier for at least one minute before we get to the familiar Utada Hikaru song spliced with various new footage of previously revealed worlds.

There’s that two dudes playing chess seen in earlier teasers and more insidious-looking men and women in black hoods. It’s a long story.

Also, check out the cover art.

Kingdom Hearts III is the culmination of a long, overly-convoluted plot featuring Disney and some Final Fantasy characters started in 2002. The action-RPG will finally, for sure this time, be released in January 29th, 2019 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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