New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shows Big Hero 6 And Gummi Ships

Another event, another Kingdom Hearts III trailer. Square Enix’s long-in-development sequel to its massive Disney-Square crossover action-RPG gets a new trailer for the Sony pre-TGS Playstaion Lineup Tour event.

It is still using the same format from the two trailers shown at E3 2018, the one with Utada Hikaru’s song playing loud, no sound effects and some choice lines and scenes from the characters. This time, a new world has been revealed, Big Hero 6, which was announced 3 years ago. A short new scene from the Tangled world, ominous villains, and some more footage of the Gummi Ship shoot-em-up mini-game are spliced in here as well. So it’s all-new footage in the same format.

Have a look here:

Kingdom Hearts III will finally be out on January 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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