New Healthcare Buildings And Elevated Metro System Are Free Additions Coming Alongside Cities: Skylines Sunset Harbor DLC

Cities: Skylines is getting its first expansion DLC for this year: Sunset Harbor. And like any of its DLC drops, it comes with a free content update available for everyone.

The free update adds Child Healthcare Centre and Elder Care Centre. The former boosts birthrate in a city, while the other ensures a longer life for the elderly.

The other free addition is an elevated metro system. Before this, the metro system is a subway system constrained to underground paths. But there were mods that allow you to add on-the-ground, or elevated, metro tracks and stops.

Now, this feature is fully implemented in the base game. You can now make an MRT line going above, on, and underground through its routes.

Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor adds a fishing industry, new water treatment, and trash collection buildings plus plenty more mass transit systems. It should be out later today on PC (Steam) as well as, PS4 and Xbox One- the first time consoles getting the DLCs alongside the PC.


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