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New Gran Turismo Sport Update Available As Closed Beta Rolls Out To Asia


If you’ve registered for the Gran Turismo Sport closed beta, time to check your email. New invites have finally been rolled out for Asia and along with that, a new update has been released for current closed beta test players.

Here are some of the changes made in the new update, version 1.06, as pointed out by GTPlanet:

  1. Game physics have been updated.The contents of the update are as follows:
    • Force Feedback intensity has been adjusted.
    • Various sound sources have been updated.
    • Online experience has been improved.
    • Rolling starts now available in [Daily Races].
    • The algorithm behind the calculation of the Sportsmanship Rating has been changed.
    • It is now possible to assign specific buttons to hazard lights and indicators.
    • The braking indicator can now be switched ON/OFF under [Driving Options].
    • Saved game data files are now stored online.
  2. Fixed certain bugs.

There are various undocumented changes as well. Two options of third-person camera rather than just one. Adjustable seating height and distance to steering wheel for cockpit view. Skid marks visible on tracks and possibly, pit crews for longer racers.

Sport Mode- the online portion of the game, will only open its set of Daily Races for Asian players on June 3, so there is still time to wait for the invites and download the client before online races commence.

Gran Turismo Sport was scheduled for release in November last year- even scraping plans for a beta to meet that deadline, but it eventually got delayed. We still don’t have any date of release for the PS4 exclusive sim racer, but we will probably find out more when E3 starts.