New Dirt 5 Update Adds Porsche Taycan And More Cars As DLC, Plus New Free Playground Packs

Dirt 5 is having a busy final week of February as their latest update that’s coming next week is adding two new packs into the game. along with joining Xbox Game Pass later in the week.

The newest update includes the Energy Content pack, a paid DLC which includes the new Alpine A110 Sports X and The Porsche Taycan Turbo S along with two other cars, all of which can be driven in any of the game modes within Dirt 5.

The other pack coming is the “Junkyard Playgrounds Pack”, which includes more items to put on your playground track and a new location in the form of an Italian based Mine area.

Dirt 5 latest update will release to all players this 22 February, 6 days before the game officially joins Xbox Game Pass on the 28.

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