New Controller For PlayStation’s Next-Gen VR Revealed

PlayStation really likes their controller reveals. But this one makes sense.

After the reveal that Sony is indeed making a PS VR successor for the PS5, now we have a glimpse of the new VR controller. And it’s not just another PS Move.

The controller’s main hilt is curved, or an “orb” shape as it’s described officially, made to be more ergonomic.

It also incorporates the two big features from the PS5 DualSense controller: Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Alongside that, this PS5 next-gen VR controller has “finger touch detection”, which can also detect your thumb, index and middle fingers without actually touching it. In other words, finger detection.

Instead of a glowing orb, there’s a tracking ring across the bottom of the controller.

And unlike the PS Move, the new VR controller comes in pairs, with all the buttons on the DualSense split between the two. L1 (grip), L2 (trigger), an analog stick, create, triangle and square are placed on the left. While R1, R2, an analog stick, options, cross and circle are placed on the right.

The L1 and R1 are called grip buttons. There are located where you would rest your index finger when gripping the controller, and is designed for interactions like picking up objects.

It’s a really rad-looking controller (though we dubbed it “iconic” just yet), and seems to be up to par with the newest of VR controllers, features-wise. PlayStation is serious about VR with just this controller reveal.

It will be a while until we know when it’s coming out (and if it’s not just called PS VR2). So there’s still time to get a PS5 first in the meantime.

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