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Need To Grind For Loot Faster In Injustice 2? Let The AI Do It For You


With the addition of loot and gear drops in Injustice 2, it brings a whole new style of progression rarely seen in a fighting game. Now the character levels does just indicate how proficient or how much time you’ve spent with the character, it also serves as a barrier to equip higher level gear. As such, you’ll need to spend a lot of time to get rack up the XP needed to reach the level 20 cap for all the characters. Assuming you are good enough with the whole roster and have the time to do so.

For some games, this serves as an opportunity to put in micro-transaction, like progression booster packs. While Injustice 2 does have micro-transactions, it has not gone that direction. Instead, you can have the AI do it for you.

You can customise your AI with its own loadout and assign stats to make them favour different playstyles. It’s nothing too crazy like Killer Instinct’s Shadow Lab where you could teach an AI to play like you, you just assign numbers to increase the probability of, say spam projectiles or go in close and do combos. You obviously want The Flash to play more rushdown to get in close, and Scarecrow to zone more and keep enemies away from him.

You can use the AI in single fights and Multiverse events. On the character select screen, press square (or X for Xbox One players) and select either of the two AI loadouts.

There is also a dedicated mode for AI battles called the AI Battle Simulator. As the name implies, you get to make AIs battle out with each other. You form a team of three fighters, and challenge other teams made by other players in a best of three match- with each match beginning with the red life bar. From there you can sit and watch the fight unravels, or fast forward it to as fast as 4 times the speed. It’s similar to the asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay seen in mobile games where you can set up your defenses and attack other players. Like Clash of Clans.

Either win or lose, you have a chance to gain a gold loot box for a win or a bronze one for a loss.

Even better, you can setup your team for defense and let other players challenge you. All the outcome of the battles are recorded so when the next time you log back in, you can see all the fights that had happened while you are away, and rake in the rewards and XP gains. Yes, XP gains for your profile and character continues to accumulate as usual even with the AI playing.

It’s a neat little addition for people who are not good with certain characters and don’t have the time to grind the levels for the whole roster. You are still rewarded if you put the effort yourself, but having an option to let the AI do it for you is nice.

So far, Injustice 2 has very much nailed the single-player content. Stay tuned for more impressions, as well as our full review soon.