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“My English Has Improved A Lot”- HanifKyo On What He Benefited From Gaming

After a long hiatus, our gamer of the week feature is back! Each month we interviewed selected members of the gaming based social network Fundeavour and asked them various questions about who they are and what gaming means to them. For this week, let us introduce you to Muhammad Hanif bin Kamarulzaman a.k.a. HanifKyo. Part of the Nerd Gaming Malaysia (NGMY) and Modded Minecraft Malaysia crew, Hanif has been collaborating with them for a while and now has his own Youtube channel.

A Johor, Malaysia native, Hanif has been introduced to gaming ever since the heydays of the original Playstation. ” It was the first time when my cousin brought a Playstation 1 to my house. The first ever game I played was Crash Bandicoot it was my all time favorite game it’s really fun, ” he said. And what a good introduction to gaming he had, with one of the most beloved character platformers on the system, which is getting a remaster for the PS4 sometime this month.

Aside from that, his siblings, in particular his brother, made him the gamer we know him today by introducing him to PC gaming. “The game he introduced to me was Red Alert 2. I also found The Sims 1 CD laying around in my house.”

Good old Crash Bandicoot in his first foray back in 1996.

When it comes to gaming, one big mark that left him for the better is being exposed to English and naturally, he believes that all the time gaming made him better at it. ” My English has improved a lot from reading texts like codex in games and hearing the characters speaking,” he added. Games with massive walls of text, like RPGs which usually have said codices can really help out building up your English proficiency really quick, since you are motivated to try and understand the most of it so you could have fun with the game.

Aside from that, Hanif also helped him made friends, and with such an established network, he also procured a few other skills along the way. ” I’m really glad to be part of NGMY, It is more fun to play with friends and do crazy things [together].

” My friends taught me a lot of thing in life and gaming scene, I’m really glad that they’re in my life really. I picked up some skills in basic video editing, graphic designing and interest in Information Technology (IT).”

Whoever is in your social circle can greatly influence you, and for Hanif he is grateful that he surrounded himself with good company. See, we have past the times where gaming is an anti-social hobby, nowadays it’s all about building a community and sticking around with it.

Codices like in Mass Effect can be an intimidating wall of text for someone who has English as a second language, but the knowledge it holds to understand more of the universe is worth looking up words in the dictionary (or constant google searches).

And as such, having the influx of brand support has certainly help bringing a better light to the gaming community. “There are tons of gaming industries like Armaggeddon, they bring a great experience to make gamers feel comfortable in competitive action.”

We have to agree, after seeing the local brand’s support for the Malaysian Fighting Game Community with the recent Armaggeddon Cup Street Fighter V tournament and Janda Cup Tekken 7 tournament which attracted a huge crowd last week, support from brands can go a long way to help build a community.

Community means a big part for Hanif, as he dreams to one day help the gaming community grow event further. “My dream is to become an entertainer and spread the great gaming communities to our community. ”

“Besides, I really want to get into Information Technology even more than I’m right now.”

We wish all the best for Hanif and his future endeavours. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram (hanif.kyo), and Youtube here.

This feature was written as part of a partnership with Fundeavour, a site that helps aspiring gamers around the world to get a head start on beginning their journey as content creators, streamers and esports players. Want to be featured and share your stories with over 50,000 readers? Check out more info here or sign up with!

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