Multiplayer Kaiju Brawler GigaBash Reveals New Character Rohanna

GigaBash, the debut game from Malaysia’s Passion Republic Games, has revealed a new kaiju to join its multiplayer arena brawler.

Rohanna as she’s called is a manifestation of nature’s wrath. The plant-based monster is more setup-based in gameplay, as she relies on tools like exploding minions, ground spikes and… a massive baseball bat to deal damage.

The Ancient Monarch of Tabarak Island is among the many other kaiju and heroes in the GigaBash roster. The game, inspired by the likes of War Of The Monsters and Power Stone as well as various kaiju movies, is also set to have online multiplayer support alongside couch multiplayer.

As such, a closed alpha test is going to be held from July 23 to 26. Details on how to join can be found over on GigaBash’s social media channels including Twitter and Discord.

GigaBash is now set for release in early 2022, on PS4 and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

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