Midnight Fight Express Is An Isometric Brawler With Impressive Mo-Cap Animaitons

Here’s an interesting indie game announced back at gamescom 2020. Midnight Fight Express is a new game by one-person developer Jacob Dzwinel. It’s an isometric beat-’em-up that looks really slick.

The game uses motion-captured animations, which helps make it look as slick in gifs and the reveal trailer. Those counter hits and grapples are mighty smooth, and overall combat looks fast and punchy too.

Midnight Fight Express has you use weapons, gadgets and vehicle section too.

Take a look:

The game will feature hand-crafted levels, an easy to learn hard to master difficulty and character level progression- expect to unlock cosmetics, new moves and weapons.

It’s a bit unorthodox for a beat-’em-up to be isometric, but the trailer, using pre-alpha footage, sells it well. This looks promising.

Midnight Fight Express is coming out next year on PC (Steam).

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