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Mass Effect: Andromeda Continues To Be Worked On, Update 1.08 Detailed


Slowly and surely, Bioware is trying to keep their promise in an earlier post to keep adding several more fixes and additions to the decent, but generally lacklustre sequel to the hit RPG series. Update 1.08 is the third round of major updates to be released post-launch and is focused on bringing two big features: an improved character creator and an additional romance option for Scott Ryder.

The improved character creator is.. not that much. You’ll get two additional head preset for each gender, a complexion option and more variety of skin tones. More hairstyles are available but only one of it is truly new- a bald option. All hairstyles are now not tied to gender. Appearance can now be customised anytime on the Tempest.

The next big change is the inclusion of one more option for a male Ryder to romance with. They have made your angaran squadmate Jaal to be romancable for Scott Ryder. Bioware reassured that the gay relationship is both justified and portrayed in a way that makes sense and fulfilling.

Aside from the two big additions, the rest of the update are bug fixes. You can check out the full list of adjustments for both single player and multiplayer modes over here.

This update isn’t as exciting as the first few with all the animation tweaks, but it’s still a worthy addition. This means players with a male Ryder can now get an achievement that was entirely impossible due to the lack of romance options.