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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite’s DLC Character Announced


Marvel VS Capcom Infinite has just been released and now it has announced a slew of characters coming as DLC. Before this, it is known that Black Panther and Sigma will be DLC, as part of a ‘character pass’- basically a season pass.

As leaks have suggested months ago, the DLC characters are Venom, Black Widow, Winter Soldier and Monster Hunter.

All of the characters should be out by the end of 2017.

The addition of these characters might still be not enough to make the character roster appealing for some fans, however. Locking some interesting characters like a Monster Hunter character behind DLC is a shame, considering the roster as it stands lacked any big surprises.

The loss of X-Men characters, longtime staples in which the Versus franchises started, is also rubbing it in the wrong way for many vocal fans.

One of our writers also has some strong concerns with the current roster as it is in his opinion piece here.

Like Street Fighter V, despite a lot of awful choices built around the game, the gameplay itself holds up as a respectable fighting game should, as early reviews are suggesting.