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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite Has A Limited Demo On PS4 This Weekend


Now that Marvel is out, the question is: how’s Marvel? The much anticipated fighting game has lost a lot of momentum as it launches attributed to a lackluster roster of characters and a not-so-good looking character models (though most of the DLC characters look superb). But at its core, it’s still a bonkers fighting game where moves can be imbalanced but still fun.

If you are planning to pick up the game, there’s a limited demo on the PS4 this weekend. You get to play casual online matches and go into Training Mode only, but all the launch characters are available to try out.

The limited demo will start on November 24, 8PM Malaysian Time (+8 GMT) and you will need a PS Plus subscription to play the online matches. You can download it here.

This is an interesting move to get more players online for the weekend, but we are unsure if this will convince more players to pick it up. The gameplay is decent, but a fighting game in 2017 needs more than just great gameplay to bring the casual fans in.