Manage A Human Recycling Factory In Organs Please

Are you in the mood of a management game, but with a bit of satire sprinkled on top? Herocraft PC has announced a new game called Organs Please developed by the three-people team of Techhome.

In Organs Please, you manage a recycling factory on a dying planet. Your job is to make the call on who gets a ticket on the space rocket to escape the world. And who gets to be “recycled”.

As the name cheekily implies, this part of the game is reminiscent of Papers, Please, where you screen people. In Organs Please, it’s the healthy ones that get to cross the border, so to speak. The not healthy ones are either recycled into food or burn in the incinerator.

The other half has you building and upgrading said recycling factory, presented in the familiar 2D-ish ant farm look. You can hire staff to help run the day-to-day recycling business and promote and retain them to your liking.

At least the grim setup here is told in a cartoony tongue-in-cheek presentation.

Organs Please is set to release on PC (Steam) later this year.

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