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Mali Returns For Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, With Lots Of Cash Money


Mali is another civ returning to the series with the upcoming Civilization VI expansion, Gathering Storm. Mansa Musa leads Mali once again, but this time, they are bring lots of cash money to the table.

In Civ IV, the last time Mali appeared, there are focused on finance and spiritual. This is the same case for Civ VI. Being a desert-based civ, Mali struggles in raw production output. The civ ability Songs Of The Jeli will give desert and desert hill tiles adjecent to city centers bonus faith and food. Mines produce less production hammer but more gold. You can buy buildings for the commercial district but production of units and buildings in general receives a penalty.

But, the Mali’s unique building, Suguba, is a commercial district that allows you to just buy units and buildings using faith or gold at a cheaper price. Plus, you get extra gold if it’s build adjecent to Holy Sites, rivers and other districts.

Mansa Musa brings the ability Sahel Merchants, which will give you more gold for International Trade Routes the more it uses desert tiles to get there. Plus, you can get an additional trade route each time you enter a Golden Age.

Lastly, the Mali has the¬†Mandekalu Cavalry, replacing the Knight in Medieval Age. The cavalry protects traders from being plundered as long as it is in four tile range, and for each battle it wins, you get gold based on the unit’s base Combat Strength.

As Mali, not only you are encouraged to stay in the desert but also encourages you to buy your way to victory. Usually, buying units and buildings are costly and rarely used, but with Mali’s inherit production disadvantage and its ability to amass wealth easily, this is now a valid strategy for this civ.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm will add various changes to the base game relating to the environment and new civilizations like the Maori and Canada that interact differently with the environment. The expansion will drop on February 14th for PC (Steam).

Source: Civilization