Lego Builder’s Journey Coming To PC (With Ray-Tracing) and Switch June 23

Fancy a puzzler and a fan of Lego? Lego Builder’s Journey is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch next week and it might be up your alley.

The puzzler by Light Brick Studio first released on Apple Arcade last year, and is getting a release on other platforms.

Lego Builder’s Journey has you navigate your character (built using 1×1 Lego brick parts instead of the usual minifigs) through various dioramas. You’ll be manipulating the bricks that are available to help your character.

Think Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Monument Valley with a very pretty Lego brick aesthetic and you should get close to what Lego Builder’s Journey is.

Lego Builder’s Journey is also supporting Nvidia’s RTX ray-tracing and DLSS tech, interestingly enough, and you can see why. Its diorama style is so pretty even as screenshots. This is one of the first games running on the Unity game engine to support ray-tracing.

Lego Builder’s Journey will be out on June 23 for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, and also available now on Apple Arcade.

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