Legends Of Runeterra Adds Rising Tides Expansion Alongside Its Launch

Legends Of Runeterra, Riot Games’ new digital card game, is now officially released after a long stint of beta testing. And alongside the launch comes its first expansion: Rising Tides.

Rising Tides adds the new region, Bilgewater. Playing Bilgewater is all about overwhelming your opponent with many attacks.

In addition, Rising Tides adds 120 new cards (60 of which are for Bilgewater), 11 new Champions (Miss Fortune, Fizz, Gangplank, Twisted Fate, Swain, Quinn, and more) and six new keywords, bringing new mechanics at play to the card game.

Finally, there are a few cosmetic items being added as well. Two new Guardians (Baley, Powder Monkey), 10 new emotes, 10 new cards and Slaughter Docks (a Bilgewater-themed board) have been added.

Legends Of Runeterra is out now on PC, iOS, and Android, with cross-play support.

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