Legends of Runeterra Adds New PvE Adventure Mode: The Path Of Champions

Riot Games’ card game Legends Of Runeterra is getting a new PvE mode.

Named The Path Of Champions, you’ll be travelling across Runeterra as one of your favourite champions, earn and equip relics, recruit allies and upgrade your champion.

It’s not just like a Slay the Spire-style roguelike card game mode, however.

Riot is utilising its rich worldbuilding to provide story snippets and voice-acted dialogue throughout The Path Of Champions, with decisions you can make on the story, and gain different rewards as a result.

In addition, Legends Of Runeterra will also be adding a new champion, Jayce.

And as part of the Riot x Arcane celebration to promote the release of the Netflix series Arcane, there’s also a special set of adventures in Piltover & Zaun.

Also, new gilded skins have been added for champions from Piltover & Zaun. The following will be added in the new update:

  • Gilded Vi – includes new level-up animation
  • Gilded Jinx
  • Gilded Caitlyn
  • Gilded Ekko
  • Gilded Jayce

The Path Of Champions mode will be added to the upcoming 2.19.0 patch, which will go live on November 10, around 10AM PT (November 11, 2AM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT).

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