League Of Legends Wild Rift First Regional Open Beta Begins October 27

Riot Games have announced that League Of Legends Wild Rift will be getting an open beta soon. It will be done by region, and the first regional beta includes most of Southeast Asia.

Everyone in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand (plus Japan and South Korea) will be able to join the mobile take on the famous MOBA beginning October 27, Pacific Time. These are regions that were included in the regional closed beta test.

More regions will be getting access to the open beta throughout 2020 and early 2021. Players from Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar will also getting open beta access. Expect Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Oceania, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam to get open beta access by December, with the Americas joining by Spring 2021.

Unlike the closed beta, everyone in the mentioned region can get access into the beta.

New champions will be added to Wild Rift, the first up is Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, as seen in the PC version. Six more champions will be free to try in preview form: Kai’sa, Evelynn, Akali, Darius, Draven and Seraphine. The latter is the latest champion to be added on League PC. This will arrive in a new patch later this month.

Players in South Korea and Japan can link log in Wild Rift with a Riot Account and gain rewards based on how much time (and how much money) you’ve spent on the League PC.

For us in Southeast Asia, should you’ve played in the Closed Beta, you can now link a Riot Account and earn rewards (like champions and skins) that will be given later this year. In addition, each region will have tailored content during the open beta.

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