League Of Legends Wild Rift Celebrates SEA Open Beta With Video Promoting Local Creators And Culture

League Of Legends: Wild Rift is now in regional open beta, and Southeast Asia is the first region to get a taste of Riot’s new mobile MOBA.

Riot Games has released a new short film to promote Wild Rift, called Pentaboom.

While it’s clearly a marketing ad and cringey if looked at face value, but you have to give props to Riot in actually embracing the local creators and culture in this sub-2-minute video. See a LoL inspired batik, a fake con held in Singapore and Malaysia’s top streamer Soloz plate up a Nasi Lemak Pentaboom, and more.

It’s a rare occasion that we see a game publisher embracing Southeast Asian culture as hard as this. And this is posted on the Wild Rift’s YouTube channel with over 500K subscribers, so props to Riot for making this happen.

The short film is directed by Roslee Yusof and produced alongside Riot Southeast Asia’s agency partner BBH Singapore. It also features cameo from Indonesia’s Jess No Limit, Thailand’s ZBingZ, Vietnam’s Do Mixi, the Philippines’ Alodia Gosiengfiao, Taiwan’s BeBe, and Singapore’s JianHao Tan, Danial Ron, and Sylvia Chan.

You can download League Of Legends: Wild Rift on iOS and Android.

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