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League Of Legends: Anyone Can Last Hit Better Soon!


Riot has decided to prioritize a form of enhancement on one of the most important aspects of the game, last hitting a minion. It may sound funny and redundant to some League players out there but not all League players master the precision of getting a high number of killed minions. The act of killing each minion affects the wealthiness of a player that results in having their champion to own powerful items. The more minions you kill, the more golds you get. The more golds you have, the better the chances of you purchasing stronger items.

In League Of Legends, players don’t normally rely on luck and teamwork alone. Even a good line-up won’t get you any further if you tend to lack farming for the late game battles. We have witnessed a lot of professional teams that performed in big tournaments. By analyzing their gameplays, you can see that they put most of their focus on making more golds through killing minions in a short period of time. They are doing it because once their champions completed their builds, they have greater chances to conquer the game better than the enemy team.

SKT T1 Faker streaming his well-farmed match

Every League player has their moment of curiosity and confusion when an enemy champion does greater damage than them. A way lethal damage even they’re using the same champions together. Questioning the possibility of such awkward incident that made one of them inferior with the same abilities usage. They might assume that the enemy champion was committing some sort of hacking to make them more powerful. The obvious answer lies on the total of CS they’ve gained. The gold that they’ve made which allows them to purchase solid items.

“We’re also looking at a change that, if your damage and minion damage hit at the same frame, will ensure CS goes to you, rather than sometimes to you,” Meddler replied. “Should add a little more consistency without undercutting last hitting as a skill.”

This statement was released by Riot Meddler at the game’s discussion boards. This official response was directed to a player who came up with a specific suggestion regarding flexibility in auto-attacks.

The good news is that last hitting a minion is not a gifted skill to any League players. Rather, it is a skill that requires a good amount of training and consistency in League of Legends. It doesn’t take a high-intellectual player that owns a Master in Mathematical Finance to acquire this skill. Last hitting a minion is about being a focused player who puts a well-strategized method on farming and does it better in any lanes they’re thrown into.