KOF XV- Kyo Kusanagi, Chizuru Kaguya And Iori Yagami Form Team Sacred Treasures

Last week, the expected weekly The King Of Fighters XV trailer drop appeared. It was for the previous poster boy of the series Kyo Kusanagi.

We’ve seen him before, but now we get to see him and beat up old rival Iori Yagami in the standard 1-minute trailer. Surprisingly, no team was revealed- fans were expecting another character to appear and see Iori and Kyo in a team again, but the week before we got Joe Higashi instead.

SNK continued to live up to the “shatter all expectations” tagline with their teasers though. As the weekend saw the second round of the Japan fighting game publishers roundtable stream, featuring devs from Arc System Works (Guilty Gear), Capcom (Street Fighter), Bandai Namco (Tekken), Arika (Fighting EX Layer) and SNK. Another KOF XV trailer dropped from the stream.

And it’s the character fans expected to return. Chizuru Kagura returns in playable form from a long absence and teamed up with Kyo and Iori as Team Sacred Treasures.

We’ve now seen 7 character trailers and have known 10 characters (at the moment, K’, Leona and Mai have yet to get their trailers) so far for KOF XV.

KOF XV is expected to release this year, no platforms have been announced yet.

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