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Killer Instinct, A Microsoft-Exclusive Game, Is Now Available On Steam


With the success of Steam, almost every PC gamer wish that all PC games come to that platform. Certain publishers like EA and Epic are making their games exclusive to their own platforms on PC, but there are others that would not mind making it available on Steam as well.

Like Microsoft. Their exclusive fighting game, Killer Instinct, is now available on Steam. This Xbox One launch title was one of the first titles in the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative. Not only is it doing cross-play with PC and Xbox One players, it is also features cross-buy: buy on one platform and get both versions.

If you don’t like games from Windows Store, now you can have it on Steam. It ditches the free-to-play option the Windows Store version offered, but the complete package is only RM75 (RM56.25 currently as a special promo). This includes 29 characters, 20 stages, all the modes plus all the colours and skins.

Also, the game supports cross-platform play on Steam, Windows Store and Xbox One. Which should help grow the playerbase.

Killer Instinct follows the same route as Quantum Break, another Microsoft-exclusive game that has made its way to Steam.