Quantum Break Will Be Sold On Steam

Remedy, the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake, may not have chosen thier latest game based on its protagonist (Jack Joyce has a good ring to it), but the third-person shooter with time powers slash TV series was a solid experience for Xbox One owners. It was then also announced late in development that it will also launch on PC, via Windows Store exclusive to Windows 10, and as a result, a pretty rough experience (though subsequent patches have fixed most issues).

But to those PC players who decided not to run Windows 10 or not willing to pay money over the Windows Store, then this is good news: Quantum Break, an Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive game, is coming to Steam.

Xbox head honcho once spoke about not making Windows Store as a wall garden to stop Steam, GOG and other game launchers/stores and will release games by Microsoft Studios outside of Windows Store. Looks like he is keeping his word with this.

Announced via Xbox Wire, Quantum Break will be released on Steam as well as seeing a physical release for PC, partnering with Nordic Games, who are pretty good with publishing games it seems. Both the physical release, dubbed the Timeless Collector’s Edition, and the Windows Store for USD/EUR $39.99.

The discount from $60 to $40 for the Windows Store version translated in RM as RM253.90 to RM169.25. Yes, the discount is live in Malaysia as well.

What about the price on Steam? There has yet to be a mention, but you can check the Steam page for Quantum Break here. Most likely the pricing will not be far off from RM170, which is a pretty good deal for a AAA game just released this year.

Quantum Break’s Steam release will be available on September 14.

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