Kick Off With May’s Free Games Lineup For PS Plus

It’s going to be May and we have the list of games that active PS Plus users will be receiving starting next week. And it is quite of a unique selection.

For starters, we’ll be getting one of the more popular additions to the lineup, which is EA Sport’s FIFA 22. One of the more well-liked games within the local gaming scene and a pretty good entry in this long running Football series. PS Plus users will be able to play with either the PS4 or PS5 version if they have a PS5 since there’s only Single Entitlement, and you have to add them both separately.

Next up is an interesting ARPG in the form of Tribes of Midgard. An Norse-inspired game where you and up to 9 other players team up to build your village and help defend from the evil forces that wants bring Ragnarok.

And finally, we have the roguelite Curse Of The Dead Gods. A very high-skilled single-player game where you venture into an accursed temple and try to defeat the gods within it. But be wary of it’s many traps and curses though..

All three of this games will be available to download starting on May 3, along with the launch of the new Subscription tier, PS Plus Extra and Premium, starting on May 23.

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