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Kerbal Space Program Now Acquired By Take-Two


An indie game under Take Two Interactive- the major publishing arm behind the 2K and Rockstar label? Well that happened, as the publishers have made a deal to take indie rocket science and space faring simulator under its family.

In a blog post from developers Squad, they assured that everything regarding the development of the game, including the upcoming Making History expansion, will continue to go along as planned as well as updates for the console versions of the game.

No further details on what the impact of the acquisition has been revealed other than Take-Two providing support of the development of the game. Take-Two has mostly focused its efforts on AAA IPs, so this is an unprecedented move from them.

It’s an interesting turn of events. Last we heard of Kerbal Space Program a few of the developers are now working¬†with Valve, but this recent acquisition should leave players of the sim in relieve as development continues to progress.

Kerbal Space Program is a neat indie sim not only because of its premise- building actual rockets to go to space with pretty accurate physics being applied. It’s origins story involves making a development team from a Mexico-based ad agency. Polygon has a pretty good writeup on how the Kerbal Space Program was made that you should check out.