Keep Your Scottish Colony Alive In Clanfolk, Entering Early Access July 14

Want to play something like Rimworld but with a different theme? Developer MinMax Games has announced Clanfolk, its upcoming colony management and life sim that’s inspired by the likes of Rimword and Prison Architect.

In Clanfolk, you’ll need to keep your colony alive, living in the Scottish highlands. Winter will always be coming and you must prepare for its arrival, stockpiling resources including food for the eventual cold to arrive.

Each member of your clan has different traits, which can be beneficial and/or detrimental depending on the context. Folks with high metabolism will eat more food (which can be a problem) but they benefit you from being able to move and work faster, for example. Your clan will go on through generations, so expect to see the birth, and death, of many clan members should you be able to keep the colony running for that long that is.

Weather and seasons are simulated in Clanfolk, and you’ll also need to manage the hierarchy of needs that govern how your clanfolk lives.

So far, there are plenty of things in Clanfolk that will sound appealing to Rimworld, it even has a top-down 2D look that should feel familiar to fans.

Clanfolk will enter Early Access on Steam on July 14. A demo of Clanfolk is currently available here.

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