iRacing Regains IndyCar License, iRacing Indianapolis 500 Returns This Year

iRacing and IndyCar has announced a multi-year licensing agreement. This allows iRacing to showcase the Indycar Series branding in the racing sim again, as well as a license extension for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

More importantly, the annual iRacing Indianapolis 500 (iRacing Indy 500) will be back in 2024. This is a special event race where participants get to experience the thrill of racing at high speeds (qualifying speeds go upwards of 350 km/h) around the famous Brickyard.

The iRacing Indy 500 was controversially cancelled in 2023, as iRacing have been restricted from using IndyCar signing a new exclusive license agreement effective on January 1 2023. That deal was with Motorsport Games, which was supposed to release an official IndyCar game. Fans were dejected by the unforeseen move. And it doesn’t help that Motorsport Games have a less than reputable reputation among sim racing enthusiasts.

Racing content creator David Land’s report on the IndyCar-Motorsport Games exclusive licensing (and the effects of it on iRacing) is a good look at what shaked out when the deal was revealed last year.

The exclusive IndyCar game by Motorsport Games was later cancelled.

iRacing getting the IndyCar license again is good news for iRacing fans, all is well again as we return to the status quo. And it’s another sign of a sinking ship that is Motorsport Games. The publisher recently sold its licensing rights for NASCAR video game to iRacing.

Source: iRacing

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