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Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive Coming to PC This Week

Finally free from the MS Store.


While Spider-Man might be Insomniac’s magnum opus for this year, it’s fair to say that it’s all thanks to this Xbox One launch title and it’s engine.

Sunset Overdrive is an over-the-top shooter that made you move to keep your combo alive and although it was praised by critics,it doesn’t really translated to sales.

But four years later, with the help of THQNordic,it’s finally coming to PC (presumably on Steam),though it’s still unannounced yet but thanks to this amazon listing. we know it’s coming this Saturday.

Costing at about 20 Dollars (84 MYR) with all the DLCs, it’s a good value for a game that let’s you feel like Spider-Man but on PC.

Here’s to a good launch later this week!

UPDATE 16/11/18: Microsoft has finally officially announce that Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC, albeit in a low-key tweet by Major Nelson: