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Indie Rougelike-FPS Hypergun Has A New Update That Makes It Worth Playing Now

Full review soon


Hypergun is a new indie rougelike-FPS where you initially play as an intern, going into a simulation world to discover and build the eponymous Hypergun. You do this by traversing levels where you fight off aliens while collecting gun attachments that for the most part silly.

It has this charming neon aesthetic and electronica soundtrack with some goofy writing, but the whole gameplay loop and feels was off. We ranted about where the game missed its mark in this episode of dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast.

Thankfully, developers NVYVE Studios have issued an update addressing many of the issues described. Our main complaints were:

  • Long time-to-kill
  • Bad gunplay feel
  • Weak and unimpressive gun attachment power-wise
  • Very slow progression grind, currency drops too rarely making per-level shops irrelevant

What Has It Improved?

The update has re-balanced the enemy spawns. For example, the Snipers, a nuisance enemy that are way too many in the first level are now toned down in numbers and only appear in the second level when you should have a better weapon to properly dispatch them. The re balance has made the time-to-kill shorter in the early levels and more satisfying to play as a result.

Gun attachments now only applies to one per slot. Previously you auto-equip all the attachments but it made the attachments less special since all of them are minor buffs and debuffs. Now, the abilities offered by each gun attachment are more pronounced. You also need a button press to equip an attachment and if it’s the same slot, a comparison window will open. The other attachment will drop on the floor, so you can swap back if you’re not happy with the new one.

Also, progression rate has been improved too. Your DPS should improve by a larger, more satisfying margin when you finish the first level. Hyper Coins, the permanent currency, drops at a more frequent rate too.

The full patch notes can be viewed here.

Hypergun Candidate #1 is the first run done post-update, the rest were the best runs reviewer managed to get before the update.

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We are still working on a review of Hypergun. Our initial take was “skip, even for free”, but this new update at least makes it worth playing. We shall do more simulations to see if the update really has improved the overall game, so stay tuned for that.