Hutch’s F1 Manager Mobile Game Rebrands To F1 Clash With 2021 Season Update

The free-to-play management featuring Formula 1 cars F1 Manager will be rebranded as F1 Clash, arriving alongside the 2021 season update.

The mobile game by developer Hutch decided to change the name after “fans’ hunger for an enhanced competitive experience”, based on results from the team’s player research. Despite each race featuring the full grid of 20 cars, the game’s main goal for each race is having you beating another player’s team- not necessarily win the race, which should explain the competitive slant from the playerbase.

The 2021 update will bring official drivers, teams and liveries alongside 48 new car components to collect. All drivers should remain competitive in the end game, the devs claim, and car stats will now have more variance so there are more tactical choices to be made.

Players from the 2020 season will get to spend their constructor’s championship points for the new 2021 drivers and components, as a head-start.

F1 Clash is also sporting visual improvements. The 3D graphics have been improved and there’s a dark mode too.

F1 clash is out now on iOS and Android.

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