Hotel Barcelona Revealed, Side-Scrolling Death Loop Slasher By Swery65 and Suda51

At the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2023 Digital Broadcast, Swery65 and Suda51 revealed the first gameplay of their new game Hotel Barcelona.

Developed by White Owls, Hotel Barcelona sees the two Japanese game designers with a stylised nickname that starts with an “S” and have two numerals at the end, collaborate to make a “2.5D slasher film parodic action” game.

As the gameplay trailer revealed, Hotel Barcelona is a place where all the serial killers from the United States gathered, and you’re here to kill them all. Despite the name, Hotel Barcelona is drenched in an American horror aesthetics, with a dash of punk and rock, as devised from game makers in Japan. No real connection to anything Spain here.

Hotel Barcelona has a “death loop” game loop in that it’s sort-of a roguelite. But rather than keep some materials, subsequent runs will see your past selves helping you out. More like Time Force rather than Deathloop.

The idea of Swery and Suda51 collabing on a project called Hotel Barcelona started as early as in 2019, so this has been cooking for some time. And this is the first time the project proved itself to be a real video game.

Hotel Barcelona will be release on Xbox Series X|S consoles in 2024.

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