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Hop Step Sing! Is The Best Way to Promote VR


Virtual Reality is the best gaming peripheral any anime fan could want, and what a treat we saw back in Comic Fiesta last week.

Kodansha Ltd, a Japanese manga company showcased their creation right here. A VR Idol Experience aptly titled Hop Step Sing!.

Definitely an enjoyable experience.

Using the Dev’s Acer low-cost VR Headset that’s running Vive,I tried the title out and fair to say it’s the best VR experience I’ve seen so far. The framerate was very stable and all of the characters look sharp as well.

The devs there told us that apart from the Steam release, they also have a NicoNico and Youtube Live livestream showcasing those experience for free each month. But if you want to experience this yourself, it is on sale for not only on Steam but on Google Play as well.

Highly recommend for those wanting to try a new VR experience that’s like those seen on PSVR.