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Here’s The First Gameplay Trailer For Post-Apocalypse FPS Rage 2

Welcome to the.. shooterverse


Bethesda continues the Rage 2 reveal from yesterday with a new gameplay trailer. The sequel to the 2010 FPS by id Software may not be something fans or gamers in general ever asked for, but the new gameplay can get you enticed.

The development is now handled by both id Software and Mad Max developers Avalanche Studios. Given that the Mad Max 2015 game had some great vehicular action and has experience developing open world games, this might be a good team-up- the first Rage was a solid FPS as you would expect from id but everything else, including the vehicles which played a big role in the game, was not.

Rage 2 is now an open world FPS (the marketing blurb calls it a “shooterverse”) where you play as the Ranger. After being robbed and left for dead, you have to fight against The Authority as well as the many factions across the wasteland- featuring different biomes such as jungles and swamps this time around, and collect loot and gear along the way. Weapons are upgradable, there are special abilities called the Nanotrite powers (the slam at the end of trailer is one example) and you can put your guns into Overdrive.

Here’s the trailer:

Rage 2 is set to be out sometime in 2019 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.