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Here’s Some Gameplay Of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Featuring Ruby Rose


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, the other fighting game Arc System Works are working on, is looking fine. While Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently hot cakes in terms of hype, the 2D 2v2 fighting game is not far behind thanks to the cross-over of four unlikely IPs: BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth (a.k.a. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late a.k.a. Uniel) and Rooster Teeth’s animation series RWBY.

A working build of the game is being showcased at New York Comic-Con and Gray G. Haddock, one of the voice actors from RWBY, managed to tweet some gameplay footage.

It’s not too crazy, just showcasing some basic combos, but seeing two Ruby Roses in action.. well, let’s just say Ruby is a bit chatty. So having two of them on screen can be hectic. The use of the RWBY soundtrack for the battle theme however, is a perfect fit. This is still an early build, so there’s room for improvement.

With four different IPs colliding, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will use an all new system to accommodate to all the characters. For those who will be coming to Singapore at GameStart Asia, the game will be showcased there as part of the South East Asia Majors, the devs confirmed back at Tokyo Game Show.