Here’s How Gran Turismo Sport’s Menus Look Like

When you talk about Gran Turismo, aside from the in-depth simulation aspects being modelled, you just have to talk about the menus. From the first GT until now, the menus have always been something special, like how it uses a mouse cursor, and the sweet, sweet background music being played in the background.

Gran Turismo Sport looks like will be continuing the tradition, yet this time around, the menus look much more elegant. Simple and clean, compared to some entries where it is just too much and cluttered.

The folks at GT Planet has the exclusive video of how the menus look like on the current build of the game, being shown in London for the unveiling event and livestream. They have a few more footage of GT Sport too, so head over there if you’re looking for more.

As mentioned earlier, Gran Turismo Sport will head straight to the stores on November 15, skipping a promised open beta to hit that street date, coming exclusively for the PS4.

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