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Gran Turismo Sport’s April Update Is Live, Featuring The New Toyota Supra And One New Track

smaller in content count, but still consistent


Gran Turismo Sport’s monthly update for April is now out. Compared to updates of previous months, it’s rather light in content number. But it’s still an interesting one.

The sole car to be added is the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept, a Gr.3 car. The all-new Supra was first unveiled at the recent Geneva Auto Show and GT Sport will be its gaming debut. In addition, a new layout to the existing Dragon Trail track is now available. The Garden is a more technical layout with many corners to tackle.

The GT League is also updated with new events, including an event for Gr.B cars, the underutilised rally category. The Sport gets some changes as well, with the top Driver Ranking changed from S to A+, and players who have a penalty to be served will now be labeled for all to see, which should help drivers to avoid unnecessary contact from drivers suddenly slowing down to serve penalties, which do happen frequently.

It’s not exciting enough without a substantial car list increase, but developer Polyphony Digital is still adamant at keeping up with its monthly updates. GT Sport’s producer Kazunori Yamauchi aims to increase the total car count in the game from the 170+ at launch to 500, and more tracks including classic fantasy ones from past games, there’s still a lot to look forward to in terms of updates.