Gran Turismo Sport Will Be Unveiled In A Livestream On May 19th

Gran Turismo Sport, the upcoming latest entry to the revered console racing sim will have a special livestream on May 19th. Announced at Paris Game Show last year, GT Sport will make use of Gran Turismo’s long-term partnership with the FIA a big way by taking the direction of the series to somewhere else: a focus on competitive multiplayer, potentially e-sports.

We do not know if GT Sport is the stopgap entry until GT7 arrives, like the many editions of such before (GT4 Prologue, GT HD, etc.), but we will see more footage of the actual game in the livestream. So far we only have this initial debut trailer which you can check out below.

Additionally, the stream will also be showing some “Pre-Season Tests” of the Nations Cup and Manufacture Fan Cup, two modes of what is officially branded as the FIA Gran Turismo Championships.

The stream will be hosted by a mix of GT and motoring experts, and expect some live commentary throughout the event.

Tune in to GT’s YouTube channel or Playstation’s official YouTube channel on May 19th 10.45 am (that’s May 20th, 1.45PM Malaysian time) to catch the stream. Yes, it’s way late in our time, better to wait for the news in the morning.

It’s interesting to see how mainstream racing games like Gran Turismo is going all out with the push for what could be considered as e-sports. While Xbox racing sim series Forza Motorsport have tournaments under MLG and more hardcore racing sims like iRacing have their own community tournaments, seeing GT going so far as branding it as a motorsport championship endorsed by the governing body of autosports is a bold move. It brings a similar feeling when football clubs like West Ham signing e-sports players. Video games are making a big impact to other industries these days. It’s a good thing to happen.

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