GM GOTY Awards 2020 – Best Meme Generator

The best games that dominated our conversations, social media, and shitposts throughout the year

The nominees for the GOTY Award 2020 for Best Meme Generator are:

  • Among Us
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Half-Life Alyx
  • Yakuza

Deliberation Summary

The Best Meme Generator award returns for its second run at the GOTY Awards, and we’ve been keep track of the most blessed and cursed content created by the gaming community. Not all games have to be memed- and not all have to be even good. This award highlights the games that generate memes we at Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters can’t stop looking at. So not a meme review per se.

Among Us and Animal Crossing are two games that have made waves among the mainstream audience, outside of the usual gaming community. When your non-gamer friends are sharing game shitposts, or a game good enough to get Hollywood celebs on for an interview show hosted in-game, that’s enough to make it a significant list to be part of the nominees.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has the biggest challenge of pleasing the many fans that adored the 1997 classic. And the developers demonstrate that the know their fans well by serving up some top-class fanservice. The game just leans close enough for the fans to pick up and run with the implications. Also, chair Aerith.

But the sleeper game to unleash a ton of meme this year was Half-Life: Alyx. Thanks to the new Source 2 engine, it sparked a new wave of SFM animations skits depicting G-Man and Gordon Freeman in very, very odd situations.

Yet still, we just can’t help but to acknowledge the recent explosion of Yakuza memes. The series has always had extremely wacky, memeable material, but only in 2020 has it been this widespread.

Baka Mitai has been around for ages but thanks to a 2018 video from a small-time YouTuber (who’s been a strong supporter of the Yakuza games) that became a deepfake template, we are now hearing the tragic/silly ballad over and over this year. Enough to inspire musical analysis and breakdown videos- because memes aside, Baka Mitai actually slaps though.

This year’s Yakuza: Like A Dragon really didn’t take off in shitposts just yet (though there’s high potential for that to be), so this entry is supposed to be the Yakuza series in general. And what seals the deal is that many of the new Half-Life memes replicated scenes of Yakuza- and we enjoyed the Half-Life memes more because it has Yakuza rather than Half-Life. (But it’s great to see this oddly symbiotic relationship blossom)

2020 is the right year to acknowledge the Yakuza series in general as an absolute meme generator. And for that, we are awarding the Best Meme Generator, excluding future Yakuza games from this category (because it will most likely win every year starting with this) and will rename the award to the Yakuza Award For Best Meme Generator.

Report this as a Dame Da Ne moment, as the GM GOTY Award 2020 for Best Meme Generator goes to the Yakuza series!

Tomorrow, we will be revealing the winner for the Best Remake/Remaster of 2020.

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