[Giveaway] Post-MaplestorySea 14th Anniversary

Maplestory was first launched in April 2003 and today in 2019, PlayPark hosted MaplestorySEA 14th Anniversary Event at Sunway Velocity Mall in Kuala Lumpur where they are showcasing numerous art balloons and games to be enjoyed exclusively for the event.

One of the art balloon they are showcasing.

Bullride event to throw you off for in-game items

Mini-games available to be played
Illustration contest winner as a birthday cake!

PlayPark definitely pulled a fast one as we believed they succeed in celebrating the anniversary event with Malaysian community. Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event.

In collaboration with PlayPark, we’ve received a considerable amount of codes that we can share to you, readers.
We have 3 items to be given out and all you had to do is figure out a number from 0 to 9 in the empty space. To make this fair, this is on first come first serve basis thus, may the shroom luck is on your side.

ITEM                                |            CODE
Bottle Monster Chair          MS14ANNID74J _ 5A9P01RJYB6YYF9KS
Crimson Res. Flame           MS14ANNIS0AFF1V0TBHZ97032A9 _ MZ
Mushroom Hat                    MS14ANNI86H4FM8THA7TGZ4U1Q9 _ 2V

If you guys ran out of luck, you can still join the giveaway that is happening here on Facebook (till 19/7) for a chance to win one out six anniversary codes.

May you have the best of luck.


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