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Give For Honor Another Chance- Free Weekend Starting August 10


As For Honor lines up with more updates to keep the playerbase from shrinking, Ubisoft is offering another chance to check out the melee brawler for free this weekend. The free weekend will be available for the PS4, PC and Xbox One starting August 10. For Southeast Asia, it will begin at 3PM (+8 GMT) August 10 and ends at 7.59PM August 14.

Alongside the free weekend offer, the game will be discounted by 50%. Progress made in the free weekend will be carried over into the full game once purchased.

For Honor will see a slew of new features, including dedicated servers, throughout the year. The strong hype at launch did not make for a consistent playerbase throughout the months, but Ubisoft is known to play the long game and put in resources to fix what needs fixing.

Let’s just hope the game can support the influx of new players.