Genshin Impact New Trailer Showcase New Characters And Combat

At the recent PlayStation’s State of Play, Mihoyo’s has unveil a new trailer for their newest Action RPG game with a distinctive artstyle, Genshin Impact.

One important note is the showcase of elementals that players could use with their characters, that includes Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Anemo, and finally Dendro. All of which can be combined with relics called “Vision” which you can unleash your ultimate power move within foes.

Players are also spoiled for choice in the character department, with a whooping 20 so far to choose from, and you can switch between fighters mid-combat for the optimal usage of the elements and can fight with up to 3 additional players online.

It’s looking quite up for MiHoYo’s first foray into console games, which launches for PS4 this fall.

Source: PlayStation


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