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Garena And Media Prima Announces Collaboration, Bringing Esports To The Mainstream


Garena Malaysia announced that they will be collaborating with Media Prima Television Networks to further promote esports to the mass Malaysian audience.

Media Prima, the media company that owns a lot of the media channels in Malaysia- from TV channels to radio channels to newspapers- will start promoting esports using their social media platforms as well as on TV in the future.

“We see the full potential of e-gaming and there is much to do to put Malaysia on the international Esports stage,” said Johan Ishak. “That is why we are working to air gaming tournaments on Media Prima’s TV networks. Our aim is to promote tournaments, gaming news and events, in and around Malaysia, also regionally via coverage on TV or our social media platforms.”

“Esports has evolved into a spectator’s sport with a growing culture and fan base in Malaysia, limited only by infrastructure,” said Garena Malaysia’s Partnerships Manager Fern Yeap. ““As local experts in our respective fields, we believe that the long term collaboration between Garena and Media Prima will greatly strengthen the gaming ecosystem by giving more voice
and visibility to the local players, events and happenings.”

The first step of this collaboration is by having the FIFA Online 3’s National Championship finals air through TV9’s social media channels. The finals of the current seventh season of competition will be held on November 11 starting 11.50AM,