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FV Cup 2018 Announced, Now Part Of SEA Majors

The premier fighting game tournament in Malaysia returns


FV Cup, the premier fighting game tournament in Malaysia, returns for 2018. The tournament is where we get to see some pro players from across the globe paying a visit to Kuala Lumpur to compete in the various games offered.

Five games make it into the list this time, with some notable shakeups. Street Fighter V remains as part of this year’s Capcom Pro Tour for the fourth time as the last Asian ranking event in the calendar announced so far. Injustice 2, after a notable strong presence and participation from the local community at the Malaysia Cyber Games 2018, gets a spot. The latest 3V3 tag-team fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ, will also feature alongside Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 and Marvel VS Capcom Infinite. Mahvel may be dead on the EVO stage, but it still has some push and support here.

That leaves Tekken 7 out of the list, which would seem odd considering it has a lot of support last year, including bringing in the Queen Of Tekken to compete as part of the Tanukana Invitationals. Rather than a sign of a dead game, this could be hinting on a Tekken-specific tournament for Malaysia held separately coming this year. Maybe with Tekken World Tour support, perhaps?

FV Cup is set to be held on July 14-15th, so mark those dates, fighting game fans. FV Cup 2018 is also announced to be part of South East Asia Majors’ expansion, which was first announced last year.

UPDATE 20/2/18: Organisers Flash Vision has clarified to us that FV Cup 2018 is now part of Southeast Asia Majors Malaysia, which will be known as FV X SEA Majors Malaysia. As such, more games have been revealed since the original announcement: Tekken 7, King Of Fighters XIV and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. Other non-fighting games tournament will also make an appearance, which will be announced at a later date.

The title of the article has been changed to reflect this.