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Frostpunk’s New Free Update Adds Some Customisation Options, More Building Variety And Optimisations


As part of the roadmap of free updates, 11 bit Studios have dropped a new free update. Called People and Automatons, the update focused more on visual updates as well as some basic customisation.

When they said it was basic customisation, it really is. You can now rename any of your citizens and automatons. Buildings now have some variation so placing the same buildings side-by-side will still make for a cool and not repeating cityscape.

But hey, it’s a free update and it also comes with a lot of optimisation and bug fixes. Plus, the developer/publisher are well-aware of that and has this to say based from an FAQ:

“It’s very simple. We are very much focused on delivering the next story scenario and other upcoming (bigger) updates this year. ‘People and Automatons’ let us give you something new and cool – but without slowing down the overall development process. We believe it’s a win-win situation for both you and us.”

The next free update, as highlighted in their roadmap, will add a new scenario, which is the substantial content players may be looking for.

Frostpunk is a great game as we said on our review, but fall short thanks to its slim content offering on launch. These updates, even the little ones, always help and you can’t complain much when it’s all for free.