Free-To-Play Shooter Valorant Now Live Worldwide

Valorant, Riot Games’ new free-to-play tactical FPS is now live worldwide, including Southeast Asia.

Riot has been known solely for shipping and maintaining only League Of Legends for the longest while, but Valorant is based on a completely new universe.

Valorant blends the tactical FPS play of CS:GO with character-based utility abilities from a hero-shooter. It favours those with good aim, and recoil control. And it has a round-to-round economy in its best-of-24 matches.

Valorant boasts 128-tick servers (that’s crazy high rate of refresh, and a standard used for competitive CS:GO games) across the globe, with plans to have more dedicated servers in Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas.

And it should be playable on the most potato-est of PCs, with very low PC spec requirements. Just look at it, it’s really, really low:

Recommended Specs – 60 frames per second:

  • CPU: Intel i3-4150
  • GPU: Geforce GT 730

High-end Specs – 144+ frames per second:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
  • GPU: GTX 1050 Ti

Minimum Spec – 30 frames per second:

  • CPU: Intel i3-370M
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000

PC hardware recommendations:

  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1GB of VRAM

The game was in closed beta back in April, with over 3 million players daily. Now you too can join in the fun, it’s free-to-play. The launch adds new content not seen in the beta, in particular, the new map Ascent and new agent (character) Reyna.

Valorant is out now on PC. You can download it on the official site here. There’s also an official Discord for Southeast Asia players, which you can find it here.


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