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Free The Sims 4 Update Lets You Play In First-Person View

Coming this November for PC


The Sims 4 is still being regularly updated. Alongside a new paid expansion pack, “Get Famous”, comes a free update that adds new interesting features this November on PC.

A better tutorial, the return of terrain tools and a new career path (the “Style Influencer”). But the highlight is a brand-new first-person camera. You can play the game entirely in the perspective of one of your Sims. You won’t control them directly, WASD-style however. Navigation still requires the us of the traditional menu. Clicking an empty space to go there, for example.

Have a look at some first-person gameplay here, by Sims Community.

The new free update to the base The Sims 4 will be arriving on November 13th on PC.

Source: Sims Community. Header image by Sims Community