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Free Game Alert! Psychonauts Is Free On Humble Store For A Limited Time


Fancy a cult-hit platformer? Psychonauts is now free for a limited time on the Humble Store. This was the first game made by Double Fine, the studio that had one of the earliest Kickstarter success and has churned out many interesting indie games (as well publishing some of them).

You can go grab the game here. Just add to cart and checkout.

Psychonauts tells the story of a boy named Raz as he sneaked into a summer camp for the psychically gifted. From there he will learn the skills of being a Psychonaut- people who can go into the minds (literally) of others to either help their mental issues or extract information.

The controls may not hold up today, but if you can push through it, it’s an interesting 3D platformer. A sequel is in the works, and the PS VR game, Psychonauts In The Rhombus Of Ruin, takes place right after the end of this one.