Free Game Alert! Outlast Deluxe Edition Is Free on Humble Bundle For 48 Hours

Great News! As part of their End of Summer Sale, Humble Bundle is giving out Outlast Deluxe Edition for the price of nothing!

The first title in the Outlast series is quite a experience which,thanks to good sales, saw a sequel coming out earlier this year. The first person horror game was “developed by veterans of some of the biggest game franchises in history” as the blurb on the site states and it shows with pretty graphics for an indie title!. The game is quite a fright fest and those who hasn’t tried this series yet should do so. Preferably with at least a bunch of friends because a good scary game is fun with a huge crowd!

You can grab the game via this link. The store will give you a key of the game and it’s DLC which you can redeem on your Steam Account or even directly on the Humble Bundle website.

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